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The Impact of Global Recession on Japan

by usedcarsexport
Used Toyota Allion

The Automobile Industry in japan and Used Toyota Allion:

Used Toyota Allion

Used Toyota Allion

The Automobile industry in Japan is known to be the world’s largest and top manufacturers of cars. Till 2009 it ruled the world and did remarkable business globally, and then it came to number two beaten by its competitor, China. The leading Japanese automobile manufacturers are Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Subaru etc

The Recession Didn’t Affect Used Toyota Allion:

The recent recession affected the entire services and manufacturing industry resulting in un-employment, decreases in sales, and fluctuation in revenue charts and reduced production on the whole. The Japanese automotive industry is also affected by this recession; the situation became even worse when the Tsunami hit Japan causing massive destruction, ruining valuable property, industry and the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukihima.

Japan is Manufacturing and Services Providing Company:

Japan is mainly a services providing and manufacturing country, it is not blessed with large fertile lands to grow something naturally, and they do it on a limited amount and utilize it domestically. The main source of income for Japanese economy is industrial goods, investment in machines and its import /export.

The global recession and natural disaster of Tsunami hit the economy badly and the production dropped drastically. As a consequence to these mishaps the demand for Japanese automobile around the world was decreased as the other nation were facing the same situation and were not ready to invest in luxury rather than basic necessities.

There are very few brands of Japanese industries which maintained their sales consistency even during the recession era; one such brand is used Toyota Allion (http://www.sbtjapan.com/ks-used-toyota-allion-cars-for-sale). It has been recorded that Toyota strives hard to maintain its sales for few popular brands at least and save the economy to fall down and collapse.

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