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Panic In Botswana Police Department

by usedcarsexport

In Botswana the direction from Botswana Police headquarters came that  the Botswana Policesavingram which has been gone to the Sunday Standard, the individuals who are qualified to submit the duplicates of their personality cards are the individuals who are turning 45 years in the not so distant future and the individuals who are now over the age being referred to. The due date for the duplicates of personality cards to have been sent to the Botswana Police central command was 03 March. This has stoked theory that Botswana Police Service proposes to drive out officers who are over 45 years and supplant them with ‘adolescent blood” in a move pointed at redoing the administration.

“Officers over 45 years are getting to be progressively stressed by talks that the administration is wanting to supplant them with healthy youthful men and ladies. A percentage of the officers have even indicated leaving before they are sent pressing,” said a source. While he declined to shed light on what inspired of the savingram, Botswana Police Service Christopher Mbulawa said it was not correct that there are arrangements to compel officers over 45 years of age into promptly retirement.

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