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Mitsubishi Minica- The Mini with History

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Mitsubishi Minica cars have a rich history that dated back to the beginning of Mitsubishi days. Its models came from 1962 to 2011 distributed in eight generations. The used Mitsubishi Minica cars for sale created magic that lasts till today. The modifications it brought included LYRA, MF, LETTUCE, Pg, PE, XPE and much more that can be seen in vintage cars too. The vehicle has exterior and interior is fully loaded with safety, technology and features in manner that it attract a lot of loyal customer base.


The used Mitsubishi Minica cars are a small rectangle that is no frill version. The simple look is all set to rule market by economy. The colors available in the vehicle bring diversity in look that have an impact on passer-by and occupants. The light colors bring peace, tranquility, ease and completeness. The dark colors have mystery, passion, energy and enthusiasm. The alloy wheels are there in stylish yet professional design with a unique look. The side mounted mirrors are colored black mostly. The bumper gives a synchronized look with car color. The roof rail is there to aid in carrying additional luggage.


The safety mechanism in used Mitsubishi Minica cars for sale is handled with anti-lock braking system, traction control system, airbags and stability control mechanism. The very process for secure drive starts with the right management of suspension, brake and acceleration. The anti-lock braking system prevents slip on road when emergency brakes are put. The traction control is needed when there is a mismatch in engine torque and throttle input. The airbags are made of nylon and comes out from side as curtain. The tire coefficient is managed to provide stickiness to wheel.


Whether it is about power option of power window and power steering or minute thing as seat lining, Second Hand Mitsubishi Minica cars from reliable dealers work wonder. The power window aids in smooth transition of window, while power steering makes tires more responsive to wheels. The transmission technology used is both manual and automatic. The 4 speed is utmost value in automatic option while the 5 speed is the highest in manual. The indicators in front of the driver are made crisp and clear. They tell about fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature. To complement technology the beige or black can either be choosen. The beige highlight features inside while black harmonize everything together.

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January 30th, 2017

Bajaj Platina – A Fuel Efficient Commuter Bike

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Bajaj Auto Limited is the largest bike manufacturer in India with a major share in the lower end segment. The Bajaj Platina is an entry level 100 cc bike which is a leader because of its high fuel efficiency. Launched in 2006, the Platina has won the best 100 cc bike award instituted by NDTV profit in 2007. A 125 cc version is expected in 2014.

The Bajaj Platina spoke wheel variant comes with a price tag of Rupees 37,019 and the alloy wheel variant, Rupees 39,005. The bike comes in three colours; the black with chrome graphics, the red-maroon combination and the flame red. The console has an analogue speedometer and a fuel gauge. The pillion has a footrest and a grab rail. The bike has an electric start in addition to the kick start. The head light is multi-reflector type with 55 w HS1 bulb and the tail light a 5 w bulb. There is a 21 w brake light and a pass light.

The Platina is powered by a 99.27 cc, 8.2 ps and 8.05 Nm engine with digital CDI and TRICS III. This single spark plug bike has exhausTEC system which aids in developing extra torque. The clutch is wet multi-disc type and the manual 4 gear transmission is chain driven. The Platina gives fantastic mileages of 62 kmpl in the city traffic and 68 kmpl on the highways. It accelerates from 0 to 60 kmph in 9 s and the top speed is 87 kmph.

The chassis of the Platina is single down tube with cradle type and the suspensions are hydraulic telescopic with 125 mm stroke at both the ends. The wheels are 2.75-17” 41P at the front and 3.0-17” 50 P at the rear with drum type brakes of 130 mm size at both the ends.

The dimensions of the Platina are 1990 mm length, 770 mm width, 1090 mm height, 1275 mm wheel base and 165 mm ground clearance. The seat height is 805 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 13.0 litre with a reserve capacity of 2.0 litre. The long wheel base and a good ground clearance make it suitable even on highway rides.

The Bajaj Platina is a safe and comfortable commuter bike. The extra-long seat makes it fit for the family rides as the pillion rider also feels comfortable. The high fuel efficiency and the low maintenance costs make it a favourite of the daily commuter. The bike is slightly under powered and the build quality and the style are inferior when compared to the competitors. The competition comes from the bikes likes the TVS Victor, the TVs Apache, the Hero Slpendor and the Hero Passion.

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August 12th, 2014

Toyota Sienna 2015 -Toyota Will Include A Microphone In The Car

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Lately we have been seeing how technology made ​​its way into the world of motor and offered very interesting developments such as 2015 Toyota Siennaautomatic emergency services call or the first electric motorcycle . Today we bring you the latest addition to Toyota Sienna 2015 , which aims to help drivers to communicate with passengers in the back without distractions.

For this, the next Toyota Sienna 2015 include a driver built for use that will allow you to easily communicate with passengers traveling in the rear microphone. This measure would focus on drivers who travel with their children, as it is a one way conversation, not existing microphone on the back.

Toyota Sienna 2015 – How This Will Work


At Toyota seem to be aware of how complicated it can be to travel with small children, and this bill would put a quick solution to sibling fights, and offer answer the typical “how much longer?” without turning to the back and lose sight of the road, with the danger that it would. The system, which is called “Driver Speak Easy” is automatically disconnected when any vehicle door is opened, and must be manually connected each time you access the vehicle.

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting for drivers who travel with small children ages option. In addition, the 2015 Toyota Sienna ( may also optionally include a mirror-down conversation that will visually monitor the occupants of the rear of the van.

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July 22nd, 2014

Kenya: Labor Day Conflict

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Labor Day Kenya


A confrontation approaches between two adversary exchange unions over the control of the yearly Labor Day festivals set for May 1. Open Service Trade Union ( Pusetu) and Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) have been secured a matchless quality war for the past few days, with each of them supporting that they will arrange, direct and supervise the festivals. Work Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi supported that the two organizations ought to appear throughout the occasion since they have equivalent rights as delegates of Kenyan specialists. “Both Pusetu and Cotu have a right to go to and partake in the Labor Day festivals. In the event that there are issues, both gatherings ought to take a seat and settle them peaceably,” Kambi said. Kambi exhorted the two unions to productively participate in propelling the privileges of many specialists as opposed to lashing out at one another openly.

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April 9th, 2014

3,000 Captured After Terror Attacks In Kenya

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Kenya attack



At minimum 3,000 individuals were captured in Kenya throughout four days of security operations the nation over emulating a wave of fear assaults, authorities said Tuesday.

Kenya police representative Masoud Mwinyi said the vast majority of those captured and held at a games stadium in the capital have been addressed by security orgs and discharged, yet 447 suspects stay in authority under against terrorism laws that permit police to hold suspects longer than 24 hours. He said 69 suspects had been accused in court of different offenses.

Human rights activists have censured the security operation, which police said was incited by late blasts and firearm assaults that have slaughtered no less than 12 and have been faulted for Somali aggressor bunch, al-Shabab. The fanatic assembly has pledged to complete dread ambushes in Kenya in striking back for Kenya sending its military to Somalia to help battle radicals.

Rights assemblies say just Somalis are constantly focused on, and they are worried about their medication. Police denied both affirmations.

Lobbyist al-Amin Kimathi said writers and human rights gatherings are not being permitted to the stadium where the suspects are, no doubt held.

“There is no transparency, its exceptionally obscure, there are no wellbeing offices, and there is an absence of civilities. There is no documentation,” he said.

Kimathi cautioned that the administration operation may prompt estrangement between a segment of Kenyans and the state.

“There are fears of sectarian tensions maybe sired by this kind of approach … Whereas government keeps saying that it’s not about religion, the perception is very strong that the government is targeting ethnic Somalis and religion,” he said.

Police representative Mwinyi denied affirmations that certain groups and beliefs are, no doubt focused by police, and said the suspects are, no doubt kept in others conscious conditions.

Mwinyi said the point of the operation is to locate foreigners, capture and arraign persons associated with taking part in terrorist exercises, distinguish spots harboring culprits, and to hold and avert general demonstrations of wrongdoing and rebellion.



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April 8th, 2014
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