The After Effects of Earthquake on Japanese Automobile Market and the Sales of Mazda RX 8 2006

The earth quake that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011 brought great disaster and affected the automobile market badly. The 9.0 hectare scale earthquake was too severe that not only small suppliers but even well-known names and manufacturing plants of popular brands had to cease their operations.

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The automakers, manufacturers and suppliers all had to calculate the destruction ad damage cause to their business after the earth quake, this activity last for few months since the recovery requires capital, investment, and Government aid and to stabilize everything once again until it works smoothly and come to normal.

The Production of Mazda RX 8 2006 After Earth Quake:

The production of Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki and Subaru was stopped due to sudden power failure, the electricity and gas infrastructure were disrupted and the manufacturing plants couldn’t get uninterrupted and sufficient supply ultimately they were shut down for a while.

In the worst affected areas the Government gave subsidiary to overcome the damage and lose, according to Nissan  and Mazda companies almost 2300 cars were damaged the production of Used Mazda RX 8 was also reduced drastically. The reason was reduction in supply of torque, brakes, transmission, wheels and other components that are supplied by production houses before assembling the cars.

It has been observed that after the earth quake the Japanese automotive market ( is adversely affected, however in the last quarter the dealers and manufacturer have pace up their efforts to overcome the loss.

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