Obtaining Japanese Used Car in America

Japanese used car

Japanese Used Car

It is possible to import Japanese used car in USA. But the process is really very costly. Still for some of the Japanese used car exporters it is worth it. Obtaining a car that will ride into yours dream is not as far out of the reach as you assume. United States of America has set some rules and regulation for the import of used cars that can be used on public roads.

3 rules for Japanese used Car import in USA

  1. Re-importing Exported USA Cars
  2. Importing Canadian Cars
  3. And Importing Japan used cars

Despite the fact that the first two rules mostly entail showing supporting documents and perhaps some minor change like adding restrains for safety and replacing catalyst converters that were utilized in the leaded fuel), to import used cars from different countries is a separate piece of story. Prior you get into more detail, there are some exceptions:

On the basis of the age of the used car, the Government of America requires you to meet (Department of Transport) for the standards for safety, Anti-Theft, Bumper and the like. Along with this, The EPA will need you to meet standards of Emission.

A general guideline for Japanese used car import is as follows.

1. For 25 years or older used cars, there is no requirement to go by any safety standards

2. For 21 years or older used cars, there is no requirement to go by any emission standards.

In addition there are more requirements on Japanese used car for public road usage. This implies, if you don’t need to use for street use, you can also obtain a Japanese used car for different reasons like,

1. To be used on race tracks only, need special permission.

2. To be used only for show purpose, need special permission.

3. You can declare to used it on only off-road, need proof for that.

4.  To be used as a Kit Car, a proof is needed.

If the Japanese used car you are over to import is not falling in any of the above category and doesn’t meet the exemptions of the age, you can import a Japanese used car as an ‘Eligible Non-confirming Vehicle’. The long story short is given below:

To pass DOT standards, you need a Registered Import (RI) able to import your car. To pass EPA standards, you need an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) that is able to import your car and bring it up to spec. You must use them if you don’t qualify for exemptions (such as the 25 and 21 year rules).

  • You need a Registered Import RI to pass the DOT standards that will allow you to import a used car.
  • You need an Independent Commercial Importer to pass EPA Standard, and that makes you able to import your used car and bring it up to spec.
  • If you don’t qualify for any of the exemptions then you can use the rules like 25 and 21 years old cars.


On the basis of the difficulties and complexities of Japanese used car you need, it can be between the same day of arrival or up to months after the arrival to get legal your Vehicle in USA and then in your hands. Similarly, depending on which Japanese used car is your dream, the prices can very relatively. And buying Japanese used car, SBT Japan (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) is the right place.

Big Models of American Used Cars and Exporters to Buy From!

American Used Cars

American Used Cars

American Used Cars

In Second Hand American industry, “The Big 3” is a very common expression. The exact meaning of this expression is the three largest local automobile manufacturing companies of America. Among these three the name on the top is Chevy. Most of the cars used in America are manufactured by Chevy. Then there are the two other names i.e. Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corp. The reason behind this is that not only Chevy manufactures cars under more brand plates than other manufacturers but these American used cars have longer expected life duration as compared to the other makers.

Chevy Cavalier

Chevy Cavalier is the most popular model of Chevy, especially among all American used cars exporters and buyers Chevy Cavalier is the most loving brand. With reference to reliability and safety Chevy Cavalier stands to be the most popular American used cars and exporters may prefer Chevy Cavalier over the used Ford Focus in USA which is nearly impossible to find by buyers and exporters.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus is outstandingly identical to the Chevy Cavalier, but it is nearly impossible to find this model as a used car. On the other hand, Ford Focus is not as reliable as the Chevy Cavalier, but yet it can hold its own position when being compared to the other American used cars under the same category. Ford Focus is a safe and economical car, but still it is prone to breakdowns. Despite of all above factors Ford Focus still maintains its high popularity.

Dodge Neon

Another great American built car after Cavalier and Ford Focus is Dodge Neon. Dodge Neon also enjoys high popularity among all American used cars exporters, users, buyers and sellers. Dodge neon is another big model that has earned an honor among car lovers. When it debuted, its small size and limited features made many people consider it a bit of a joke. While the past of this American used cars had some of these problems, but among all American used cars exporters and buyers consider Dodge Neon a great deal due to its wide availability and cheap price.

Regardless of why someone chooses to drive American used cars, there is no doubt to say that all these cars are a great value and can satiate you with many years of reliable performance and good condition.  You do need to spend time to perform research and make inquiries before making any kind of buying decision and always want to ensure the general safety history of a particular model. American used cars are better option to decide, when the time comes to buy a next vehicle. American used cars exporters get their return because these automobile models keep their value, offer equivalent features and have very good ratings for safety. Buying an American used car can be cheaper and last longer option as compared to other countries. No matter how you look at it, but American used cars are really a great choice.

Among all American used cars exporter, dealers and traders SBT Japan (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) is one of the most popular, reliable web-based portal that can provide a one stop solution for all the buyers and sellers of used cars across the nations.

Importing Used Cars From Japanese Used Car Auction Through Exporters And Dealers

Japanese used car Auction

Japanese used car Auction

Japanese Used Car Auction

Japanese used cars auctions are the excellent way for used car exporters to get high quality Japanese vehicles at comparatively very low cost. Most of the times a used car buyer can find quality used cars like Supra, Skyline GTR, Silvia in excellent condition. The main issue is that how to import cars from Japanese used car auction.

The procedure of importing a Japanese used car from auction needs some efforts and hard work on part of the buyer. Per se, one can really consider his or her options with great care. The reason why you need to import used cars from auctions in Japan, where one can find in a position to Japanese used cars exporters and dealers?

Most of the times the most frequent reasons of back importers in America, Canada and Australia are given below.

1.      One cannot find the model of the vehicle where they live.

2.      The import of the used cars from auction is comparatively more cost effective. In fact one can save his thousands of dollars if he/she can find a good used car exporter in Japan.

3.      In Japan used cars exporters can sell these used vehicles at comparatively high profits.

If above reasons are identical within your situations, then the following information would be highly useful for you, especially if you are the one of all those Japanese used car exporters and importers.

The primary step is to find a Japanese used cars exporter who can represent you at the auction of used cars in Japan. These individuals are the distribution partners who can allow you to deal among thousands of cars on an auction in Japan, and who can help you find the car that will exactly suit to your needs and wants.

One of the most popular among all Japanese used car exporters is SBTJapan. They are assumed to be well equipped to smell out the best deals in big Japanese used car auction and have professionals and experts who know all the nuts and bolts of how to find a high performance used vehicles that will perform in the same way for more 3-5 years without any problems.

In Japan used car exporters usually ask of your needs and wants and allow you to see the photos and other information about the used vehicle you are looking for. Just by spending $250-300 you can request an inspection done if you want some insurance.

If you are ready to offer, just connect to your Japanese used cars exporter or agent and give your bids at particular Japanese used car auction. If you win, your agent must then inform you and send the necessary documents to register and import that used car or cars.

To import your vehicle you must know the rules and regulations related to the import of used cars. This is the key to the whole procedure to import a used car from Japan or from any other country.

This is the summary of the entire process of buying and importing a car from Japan. Sounds simple, but there are little details you need to know at each step.


This is all to sum up the entire process to deal with Japanese used cars exporters and dealers. All above points are highly important and to be kept in mind while bidding a car from Japanese used car (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) auction. Otherwise you may face many problems and the worst you may bear high financial losses.

Are Japanese or American Used Cars More Ecological than New ones? Japanese Used Cars Exporters Can Help to Save Environment in America

Japanese used cars exportersJapanese Used Cars Exporters

Junking Japanese or American used cars for new ones with slightly better gas mileage or performance has considerable environmental impacts. American and used cars japan exporters have new steps towards reducing damage to the global environment. Thanks to these Exporters from Japan and America.

Is it better to drive well-maintained American or Japanese used cars that give 40 km per 4 liters or to buy an unused, zero meter car that only has a difference of 10 to 15 Km?

Undeniably it is more logical and eco-friendly to keep your old car running and well-maintained until it is getting such good mileage. As there are noteworthy environmental costs to junking your Japanese used cars and manufacturing new vehicles. Many Japanese used cars exporters also prefer Japanese used cars because they are well maintained, serviced regularly and the jam packed traffic in Japan never let the drivers to speed up and hence there is less tear and wear in Japan.

According to an analysis done by Toyota in 2004, 28% of Carbon Dioxide emissions generated throughout the life span of a usual gasoline-powered Japan used cars (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) can occur in manufacture and shipping to respective Japanese used cars exporters. The remaining emissions take place during driving once it gets to owner possession. Earlier to this, Seikei University in Japan put the pre-purchase emissions figures at 12%.

Apart from which conclusion is nearest to the facts, any American or Japanese used car has already passed the stages of manufacturing and transportation, so to proceed with the comparison is only with their remaining track against that of an unused car’s manufacture, transport and driver’s track. There is no need to mention the environmental impact of either junking your Japanese used cars or selling it to a new owner through an America used car exporter will definitely reduce the demand of new production. Thus, there are impacts on your environment if your old car is junked, taken into pieces and sold for the parts.

Always remember that the new hybrids, regardless of lower emissions and better gas mileage, in fact, have a greater environment impact in their manufacture than non-hybrids. The energy stored in the batteries for the drive train can never be eco-friendly, and with two separate engines under single hood raises manufacturing emissions.

If you are planning to change your vehicle for fuel efficiency or any other reason, the better alternative is Japanese or American used cars by exporters or dealers. With environmental perspectives, there is a lot to be said. Long story short, it is better to postpone replacement purchases and manufacturing of anything not just cars, to delay the additional environmental damages to planet earth.

There are many Japanese and America used car exporters online with huge listings in Japan used cars auctions and obtain a vehicle at a very low prices. You can drive your dream car by making life both eco-friendly and economy friendly at the same time.

Fake Japanese used Cars Exporter – Free Tips to avoid Used Car Exporter Scams

Japanese used Cars Exporter

Japanese used Cars Exporter

Japanese used Cars Exporter

In East Africa many importers lost millions of dollars due to these scams of bogus japanese used cars under $1000 exporter. In Tanzania many used car importers spent thousands of dollars ordering cheap Japanese used cars and eventually they lost all their hard-earned money. These were just phantom companies who took their money and then disappeared. This reflects that there are even used car exporters who were running these scams from Tanzania.

How these Japanese used cars Exporter scam people?

  1. Once you make the payment, it becomes nearly impossible to contact these used car exporters.
  2. Several weeks, even months pass without ever receiving that used car from exporter.
  3. Even if the buyer gets a used car, it is way different than what was shown at time of sale.

3 helpful tips for how to identify such bogus Japanese used cars exporter working online

Any fake used car exporter in Japan will have the following signs. You had better avoid dealing with them.

  1. Used car exporters who have contact numbers that start with either 81-80 and 81-90. As these are the codes of cell phone numbers, you will have a tough time tracking down these scammers.
  2. Verify their addresses which are given on their websites to check if they are real and authentic dealers.
  3. Also check for JUMVEA which is a certification from the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter’s Association to verify their legitimacy.

Japanese used cars exporter (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) are everywhere but the genuine and really cost-effective used cars exporter are very rare. So be careful while making these transactions online. Driving your dream car at the lowest possible rates is an attractive offer, but it can also be bait that can lead you to lose all your hard-earned money.

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