Toyota Yaris 2014 Review: Japanese Car With European Nationality

Three years of its launch, the third generation of the best-selling Toyota in the world deserved an aesthetic renovation and a generaltoyota yaris 2014 review review of mechanics.

The development has gone beyond the simple renewal of the model, to receive a major investment of 85 million euros. Centers that Toyota owns in Brussels and Nice have been responsible fully redesign the compact Japanese, introducing substantial technical improvements and a style more akin to European tastes.

Every year are sold in the old continent, including Russia, nearly four million Yaris. Backed by a 20.4% of the total market share, the Yaris is a vital model for Toyota in the popular segment B.

Toyota Yaris 2014 Review – Makeover

Thinking about making a more competitive and attractive to the public European Yaris, Toyota has revised the aesthetics. Now, with its front double grill X, redesigned headlights, a more stylized silhouette thanks to a side trim, shaped rims 15 or 16 inch and a more recognizable rear topped with new optical groups of LEDs, the Yaris stands out better among numerous models of its class.

Access to inside we see a big difference with his predecessor, to have changed completely the dashboard, more daring design and a better perceived quality. The door panels have been replaced by others more attractive forms. The interior now benefits from a wide range of colorful and tapestries that rejuvenate the appearance of the Yaris at the sight.

Driving also we found a marked difference in ergonomics, since the central console has risen 23 mm, significantly reducing the length of the shift lever and making quick and precise handling. Information on board is best read, since system Toyota Touch 2 touch screen has grown 6.1 to 7 inches.

Unlike its predecessor, the Yaris will have version 2014 of the same bodywork ‘hatchback’ for all versions, including the Hybrid. Its manufacture is made in the French plant of Valenciennes, exclusively specialized in this model, from where it is exported to the rest of the markets.

Toyota Yaris 2014 – For easy riding

In our first touchdown, we note that, despite the major changes experienced by the Yaris, quantified in more than 1,000 new pieces, his approach has not changed. It is a car first and foremost seeking docility in their responses and safety in their reactions.

The suspensions have been redesigned, but always in search of a better handling and an increase of comfort on board. The rear axle is more robust, which has allowed to incorporate a softer rear suspension. The same is done with front shock absorbers, which have gained in filtering on the irregularities of the asphalt. On the other hand, the address has changed its regulation of assistance, being now somewhat faster in their responses.

However, the most decisive change in the behavior of Yaris 2014 ( is an increase of rigidity in its structure of 20% over the previous. It has been gotten to base strengthen specific points, adding materials in its construction and improve the union solders. All this without any meaningful increase in weight.

Anchors of mechanical elements, gaskets and seals have been replaced by others more effective in terms of insulation of the cockpit’s internal vibration and external aerodynamic noise.


The range continues to offer three types of motorization with four variants. The supply of gasoline is double, with a cylinder 1.0 70 horses with five relations change recently reviewed in depth and premiered at the new Aygo, in addition to the four-cylinder 1.3 100 HP with six-speed transmission that has also received improvements focused mainly to make its smooth and quiet operation. Very efficient in consumption, not notable however for answers, especially the small three cylinder block, which should be required high regimes frequently attending the shift in order to maintain a satisfactory cruising speed.

The diesel option, 1.4 D-4 d, also with gearbox six relations, further reducing their already low consumption, obtaining approval of 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers, being the best option to travel by road to the new Yaris range. Better recovery to midrange than the petrol version 1.3 we end up convince to be preferred for those who travel frequently with the Yaris.

The hybrid version takes increasing prominence in this model of Toyota sales. While in Spain it already reaches one fifth of sales of the Yaris, the rest of the markets means for Toyota make a sale in three version

Kenya: Labor Day Conflict

Labor Day Kenya


A confrontation approaches between two adversary exchange unions over the control of the yearly Labor Day festivals set for May 1. Open Service Trade Union ( Pusetu) and Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) have been secured a matchless quality war for the past few days, with each of them supporting that they will arrange, direct and supervise the festivals. Work Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi supported that the two organizations ought to appear throughout the occasion since they have equivalent rights as delegates of Kenyan specialists. “Both Pusetu and Cotu have a right to go to and partake in the Labor Day festivals. In the event that there are issues, both gatherings ought to take a seat and settle them peaceably,” Kambi said. Kambi exhorted the two unions to productively participate in propelling the privileges of many specialists as opposed to lashing out at one another openly.

3,000 Captured After Terror Attacks In Kenya

Kenya attack



At minimum 3,000 individuals were captured in Kenya throughout four days of security operations the nation over emulating a wave of fear assaults, authorities said Tuesday.

Kenya police representative Masoud Mwinyi said the vast majority of those captured and held at a games stadium in the capital have been addressed by security orgs and discharged, yet 447 suspects stay in authority under against terrorism laws that permit police to hold suspects longer than 24 hours. He said 69 suspects had been accused in court of different offenses.

Human rights activists have censured the security operation, which police said was incited by late blasts and firearm assaults that have slaughtered no less than 12 and have been faulted for Somali aggressor bunch, al-Shabab. The fanatic assembly has pledged to complete dread ambushes in Kenya in striking back for Kenya sending its military to Somalia to help battle radicals.

Rights assemblies say just Somalis are constantly focused on, and they are worried about their medication. Police denied both affirmations.

Lobbyist al-Amin Kimathi said writers and human rights gatherings are not being permitted to the stadium where the suspects are, no doubt held.

“There is no transparency, its exceptionally obscure, there are no wellbeing offices, and there is an absence of civilities. There is no documentation,” he said.

Kimathi cautioned that the administration operation may prompt estrangement between a segment of Kenyans and the state.

“There are fears of sectarian tensions maybe sired by this kind of approach … Whereas government keeps saying that it’s not about religion, the perception is very strong that the government is targeting ethnic Somalis and religion,” he said.

Police representative Mwinyi denied affirmations that certain groups and beliefs are, no doubt focused by police, and said the suspects are, no doubt kept in others conscious conditions.

Mwinyi said the point of the operation is to locate foreigners, capture and arraign persons associated with taking part in terrorist exercises, distinguish spots harboring culprits, and to hold and avert general demonstrations of wrongdoing and rebellion.



Young Drivers Insurance – Keep Yourself Safe and Secured

car insurance

For those young drivers who have successfully cleared their driving test of late; the next step to consider would be young drivers insurance. Today, insurance companies charge a heavy interest rate and premium on young drivers insurance, which certainly makes the whole thing an expensive affair.

The good news is, with the tough competition among several insurance companies today, young drivers have a fair chance of finding cheap young drivers insurance.

There is a common notion that all the young drivers are more prone to the accidents and hence they are usually charged a higher premium. With the changing times and the evolution of the Internet, it has become easier for young drivers to get the best deals on car insurance. You can log on to the web to avail the quotes of the several insurance companies and accordingly choose a best deal. It is always a wise decision to invest in young drivers insurance at an early stage and safeguard yourself rather than repenting later.

The biggest problem young and inexperienced driver’s face is that the insurance companies don’t really trust their driving skills and therefore consider them as liabilities. Thus, it is important for young drivers to have a good understanding of driving rules before actually driving. This will not only help you in keeping yourself safe but at the same time will also help you in avoiding any kind of causalities. Keeping all of the above things in mind and having young drivers insurance can actually help you save yourself from a lot of troubles.

As it is rightly said, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Therefore, getting young drivers insurance at an early stage is the perfect choice.

Kenya: Bomb disposal squad detonated the bomb


A Thai bomb disposal expert at work in Bangkok



Bomb disposal squad Wednesday exploded a shell at Mlango Kubwa on Juja Road, bringing about a noisy blast that was heard kilometers away.

Enormous billows of smoke surged from the scene and an immense gap was left in the ground.

It is suspected terrorists had covered the shell at the side of a sewage trench outside two flats.

Nairobi appointee police authority Moses Ombati said the terrorists were likely holding up for a lucky minute, when there are numerous individuals around, to explode the shell.

Wednesday, several spectators looked as a shell transfer master in defensive rigging painstakingly inspected the gadget before publishing the commencement to the enormous blast.

As he numberd to three, there was a minute of ghastly quiet before the stunning impact.

Various openings were punched into the dividers of a close-by spot as metal pellets from the dangerous gadget hit it.

Matatu driver Dan Muchai, who parks his vehicle in the territory overnight, ran across the gadget while gathering his vehicle in the morning.

He said he saw stones out and about and as he evacuated them, he recognized two electric wires distending starting from the earliest stage got suspicious.

“An assembly of stopping young men let me know they had seen three individuals burrow a gap and cover an article at around 3am. They told the young men they might return for it. They even purchased smoke for the young men,” Mr Muchai said.

Shell transfer specialists were called to the scene and in the wake of cordoning off a piece of Juja Road for about two hours, they effectively exploded the shell.

Mr Ombati approached general society to give data that might prompt the capture of terrorists to deflect misfortune of lives and property.

“We keep on appealling to individuals to report any suspicious characters in light of the fact that that is the main way we can vanquish terrorism,” he requested.

The nation’s security framework has gone under investigation emulating developing unreliability, particularly in Nairobi and Mombasa.

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