Amazing Features of Lamborghini’s Aventador LP700-4

Amazing Features of Lamborghini’s Aventador LP700-4

Lamborghini is known for producing super cars with amazing acceleration. They keep outdoing themselves with every model that they produce. This is evident going by the features of Aventador LP700-4. At a glance this super machine is a blend of amazing beauty, extremely high acceleration and mind boggling top speeds. Let walk through the features of this super machine.

The first feature to note is the acceleration which stands at a quarter of a mile in only 10.5 seconds. This means that at the blink of an eye this model of Lamborghini will be a quarter of a mile away. Blink twice and you won’t see it any more. This is something that the Lamborghini Company has perfected with a target for speed fanatics. On its seventh gear the Aventador LP700-4 reaches a top speed of 217mph. something to note at this juncture is that this model is built with advanced handling unlike its predecessors. You comfortably cruise at this top speed effortlessly.

This Lamborghini comes with a 6.5-L V 12 engines. The powerful engine produces a haul of 690 horse power. This engine power is what moves the vehicle from a stationary position to 186 miles per hour speed in only 24 seconds. With these kinds of speeds the car has braking systems that meet your expectation. While cruising at 152 mph, hard braking brings this machine to a halt in just seconds. This is due to the investment on the brakes. The brakes are built with a 14.5 inch ceramic disk on the front and 15 inch on the back. In addition the front disk is accompanied by 6 pistons calipers and the back ones come with 4 pistons. The combination of this two exert enough force to bring the fast moving car to o mph in seconds.

Fuel economy is the last thing on people who buy Lamborghini. However the Aventador LP700-4 features have taken fuel consumption into consideration. It comes with a start and stops system that open and closes the engine to save on fuel. This system is based on a super capacitor that is easier to restart the motor than the convectional battery systems. Another feature that helps in saving the fuel of this Lamborghini is a cylinder de-activator. It deactivates and activates 6 of the 12 cylinders. When you press lightly only the gas, 6 cylinders are temporarily shut down. This reduces the combustion of fuel. On the other hand when you press down the gas all the cylinders are activated and the car is propelled on with full power.

The design of this car has amazing features too. Most of the aluminum body has been replaced by lighter carbon-fiber material. The new materials used are able to cut up to 200 pounds compared to its predecessors. The increased power and less weight give the Aventador LP700-4 the top speeds and acceleration. The inside of this car has also been modified to increase the leg room. As tiny as it looks two tall people can comfortably drive in it. The dvla phone number comes in handy in getting more safety information even while driving super cars.

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