Buy Honda Logo

Buy Honda Logo

Buy Honda Logo from Japan

Honda Logo was manufactured by the Japanese Auto maker Honda. It was introduced between 1996 and 2001.It is a series GA3 – GA5 is a super-mini car. Honda Logo was available as a three-door and five-door hatchback. The Logo was ultimately replaced by the Honda Fit. One can buy Honda Logo direct from Japan at economical price by accessing online portals or communicating with somebody who can participate in auctions on your behalf.

Specifications of Honda Logo

Honda Logo engine type is spark-ignition 4-stroke.Fuel type is petrol (gasoline), 40 liter / 10.6 U.S. gal / 8.8 imps gas fuel capacity. Max power is 48.5 kW / 66 PS / 65 hp (JIS net)/ 5000, Max torque is 111 Nm / 82 ft-lb/ 2500.It has a 4 line cylinder. It’s a FWD (front-wheel drive) car and automatic 3-speed gearbox.

Dimension of the car

The Length of Honda Logo is 3750 mm / 147.6 in, Width is 1645 mm / 64.8 in, height is 1490 mm / 58.7 in and the curb weight is 840 kg / 1852 lbs. The Honda Logo ( Interior length is 1705 mm / 67.1 in, Interior width is 1320 mm / 52 in and interior height is 1205 mm / 47.4 in. Its front track is 1425 mm / 56.1 in, Rear track is 1400 mm / 55.1 in and ground clearance is 155 mm / 6.1 in.

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