How to Extend Life of Honda Car Batteries

How to Extend Life of Honda Car Batteries

When you purchase Honda Car Batteries directly from authentic dealer you get a warranty of 100 months or 8 years

(Petty Peck Honda)

An average car battery has a life of 2 to 5 years and several factors determine how long it will last. Gone are the days when car batteries lasted for a lifetime, as our frequency of traveling has multiplied, our driving style has changed and our driving hustle is completely different now. But Honda batteries still claim to give you an option that will have more life.

By identifying the cause and solution we can extend the life of car batteries:

Parking Space to Protect From Weather

Extreme weather impacts the life of the battery, a cold place or hot spot drains your car battery. So you should keep it in the garage to ensure that temperature fluctuation is reduced. Keep your ears on the clicking and grinding sound when starting an engine or headlight. In extremely cold weather you can use a block heater to keep your engine warm.

Check Car before You Leave

If any of your car function keeps working while your car is idle, it leads to unnecessary consumption of the battery. It gets tricky when we come from grocery stores fully loaded and we leave the door open just a tiny bit. And the next day we experience drained battery while going to work. Or when you forget to turn off the radio while coming out of the car, the power need to start engine diminishes and you are in trouble. Many latest models today have an automatic feature where everything automatically shut down once the vehicle is in a stationary position for some time.

Prepare Well Beforehand

The battery consumes power most when starting the vehicle. So instead of starting and stopping the vehicle, short trips should be avoided. Do not turn off the engine before alternator as the battery will drain at a high rate. GPS and other personal electronics may draw more energy from the battery even when the vehicle is off. So reevaluate to check the unplugging requirement after every trip. Avoid putting your keyless remote in the near vicinity of the vehicle as it communicates with a car that can be damaging for battery life. Do have a checkup of your vehicle by a mechanic regularly, so you prepare before the battery gets dead completely, being a headache. Life of Honda car batteries are more, but it never means that you should misuse it to test the limits.

If you keep yourself informed about the battery drainage mechanism, you can leave a hassle-free life with a car. A small hack like circling your neighborhood in a drive less than 10 minutes can help you recharge the alternator for usage the next day. Those who work smartly can make average batteries survive.

As Honda is known for its powerful batteries, so in case you want a long term solution this brand is the way out. There are several cars like Honda CRV which are living examples of how Honda has made its mark.

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