How to Shine Your Tires While Staying At Home

How to Shine Your Tires While Staying At Home

Why is it important to find the answer to the question of how to shine your tires while staying at home?

Your car might be parked at home for long due to the Corona Virus outbreak. So this is the time to polish your car and especially tires, to enhance the durability factor. Tires are part of a car that is most used, as it has direct contact with surfaces and is something on which the whole body stands.

So buckle up as we share ingredients available at home that you might use for making your car tires shine.
Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used as the sick kid’s support and has been using for enhancing the eyelashes. It has been used as a natural emollient and few drops work wonder for dry skin.

But did you know that it can also be used as a tires shiner?

Yes; the dry and rough tires have new life when you apply it in after cleaning by rubbing alcohol, cleaning by water, and using dish-wash. But make sure that you have dried tires before applying castor oil.

Dish Washing Soap

You can not apply dish-washing soap to mechanical auto parts, as it includes chemicals to disinfect the surface and clean stains. It can cause corrosion of part, so care should be taken while using it on any other part. But tires are the exception, as they are tougher than dish-washing soap/ liquid. Water the tires to clean the dirt that can be easily removed. Now you can apply dish-washing soap by applying it on wet tires. Let it stay for some time and clean it. If you can see that there are residues and tire that have not been cleaned even when you have brush cleaned the tire while putting water to remove dish wash, you can apply rubbing alcohol.

Baby Oil

Instead of using castor oil, baby oil can be used for bringing the shine. Yes, the oil that you apply on your baby because of having soft on skin property (perception) can help shine your tires. Baby oil brings natural and non-chemical properties that can be a perfect homemade tire shiner that can be sprayed by adding cold water and three drops of soap in a bucket for mixing. Pour it in spraying bottle, shake it, and apply to tires to see the magic.

Lemon Oil

Did you know that lemon has conditioning abilities? It can be used as a rubber conditioner too, supporting to prevent dry rotting and premature wear/ tear. If you go for lemon oil it will act as a cleaner and conditioner simultaneously. It protects the side tire surface that serves as tire wax reducing the UV rays exposure. When you use it in a combination of borax it further cleans the tires.

You can add lemon oil, borax, and dish wash in water; mixing it up. Pour the mix on the tire and clean it with a brush. Keep pouring the mix till the tire seems to look clean and brush it. Finally, wipe it with a clean towel.

These are all ingredients you can use in combination to have a homemade cleaning and shinning product.

If you think having a ready-to-use tire shiner is a better thing to do check Car Guys Tire Shine Spray, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel, or TriNova Tire Shine Spray for the purpose.

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