Low Price and High End European and American Luxury Cars from Exporters in Japan Used Cars Auction Houses

Low Price and High End European and American Luxury Cars from Exporters in Japan Used Cars Auction Houses

Auto makers from Japan like Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Toyota are popular across the nations for producing high end, fuel efficiency and durability. In Japan used cars auction gives exporters a chance to buy and export a used Japanese brand car to any part of the world. In Japan used car exporters usually get big savings on similar priced cars that they can find in their locality.

Although, Japanese cars used to be a symbol of high quality, people in Japan still love European,  American and other countries brands such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porches, Volvo and Volkswagen. It is possible to find this luxury used cars at very cheap rates in Japan used cars auction houses. If you are a Japan used car exporter you can certainly make a very good income on buying and exporting from Japan.

The secret behind why cars driven by Japanese people are in good condition is that these drivers take care of their vehicles and because or strict safety inspections, taxes and other charges it is more cost effective for them to change their car with an updated model in a regular way. This simply means a large pool of well maintained used cars for sale and export.

The Process of Auctioning and Exporting Used Cars from Japan

The very first step to find a luxury car at a very cheap price is to find a reputable used car dealer in your region or online. Repossessed car dealers don’t have good reputations to begin with and there are situations of foreign buyers being ripped off by these dodgy used car exporters and dealers in Japan. But they are definitely in the minority.

So before deciding with a dealer and simply order them for a used car, it is better to check out the dealers website and see if they have complete contact and bank information and if they are members of the JUMVEA. JUMVEA is the trade organization which is sanctioned by the government of Japan for used car exporters in Japan. This membership indicates that the dealer or exporters have to abide by a code of best conduct and they will never rip off the buyer.

Along with this ensure that the company is registered with the local government, they should also show a government trade license number. After contacting several dealers and exporters, filter out some with which you can start browsing for a used car.

In general you can either purchase a used car from the dealers’ inventory of the cars. These cars are obtained by the dealer from spotting a bargain at auction and bought for later sale at higher prices. Otherwise you can request them to look for something for you at Japan used cars auction houses.

Be specific or very general while requesting your requirement and the dealer will try to find something and send you the specifications of the cars. Most if not all dealers have access to daily online auctions giving you a choice of up to 40,000 cars each day.

As soon as you get details about your cars you can decide to bid or not, send the maximum price you can afford and sit back and wait for the result. A good dealer will try to get the lowest price for you and he will never let you lose your hard earned income.

As you won a car then you also have to consider paying for documentation charges, transportation, shipping, insurance, and customs import taxes when your car reaches at the nearest port to your region.

In Japan used cars auction (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) houses are the great source of Japanese, European and American brand high end used cars. In Japan used car exporters can get a great deal for a little research and shopping around. It is simply a lot of fun and can be much cheaper than obtaining a used car in your country.

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