The new car technologies in 2020 are much more civilized and helping in the entertainment, safety, and innovation factor in the drive. The technologies are the basics on which futuristic transportation infrastructure will be built.

Energy-Storing Body Panel

The hybrid cars of today have a major problem the battery takes a lot of space and is heavy. So the new technology of 2020 and beyond energy-storing body panel is expected to save the day. It is still in the research and testing phase, although it charges faster than conventional batteries. To counter the weight factor the successful testing of polymer fiber and carbon resin is done that can easily be molded and are strong too. It is expected to reduce the weight of the car by 15 percent. Toyota is also working on this and wants to go a step further by researching a solar body panel that stores sunlight automatically.

Augmented Reality Dashboard

The in-car display has gained greater popularity because of its support to drive from one place to another. Many of them display information on windshield too. Augmented Reality Dashboard is among the popular new car technologies in 2020 that is implemented by companies like BMW. They automatically bring up information about the person and object on top of real-life surroundings. Hence the overall in-car display will get advance. If a car is approaching a red box will appear on car windshield and arrows will help you in identifying movement to prevent a collision. Toyota has also introduced the AR system for its infotainment screen where the passenger zoom objects outside the car to view it more clearly. It works by the connectivity of the camera and navigation screen.

Self-Driving Cars

With Google, Tesla, and several companies collaborating to make the self-driving car available for masses; the technology is expected to be available to masses soon. But with several accidents questioning the safety concerns, the technology car that was expected to be a house-hold name in 2015 is still in its improvement phase. As the IoT and AI will get advance, the self-driving car will make it to masses. Maybe post-pandemic we see progress being made. The car will use computerized maps, lasers, cameras, and radar to drive faster than humans with better judgment on the situation. The decision part is still not refined, as till now, machines do not have this trait to the level that it can compete with humans.

Connected Cars

The vehicle to vehicle communication-based technology is tested by automotive giants like Ford to make driving easy. The technology works on wireless signals that send information between cars on speed, location, and direction. The cars will not only be able to communicate with each other but will also with infrastructure. The vehicle to infrastructure communication is expected to revolutionize traffic by car communicating with signals and sign-boards providing safety solutions.

V2V and V2I may potentially address up to 82% of crash scenarios with unimpaired drivers

(Green Car Congress)

Hence these are top of the mind new car technologies in 2020 and beyond that will define the driving ease tomorrow.