The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars and Why

The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars and Why
Ceramic coating is replacing car wax due to its durability and quality. It is a liquid polymer transparent coating also called nano-coating. As it is chemically bonded to the paintwork of the car so when it is washed the dirt and dust removes easily. Therefore it is easy to maintain, enhance the shine of the car body, and provide protection from sunlight. This coating reduces the damages to zero taking care of the animal droppings, road salt, and tree saps; keeping the car shinier and new for long.

Ethos Ceramic Wax

If you are still thinking that a different type of wax should be given a try, check Ethos Ceramic Wax. It is affordable in comparison to the other options we have shortlisted. It offers UVA and UVB protection while reducing environmental hazards, corrosion, and oxidation. The coating is scratch and finger-print resistant so you do not have to worry about ugly marks on the car. It has 30% pure silica-infused that offers shine and clarity. It is easy to apply and professional expertise for the perfect finish is not required. It takes approximately 12 hours to dry and the preparation takes a bit time too. It might have cracked coating if the application is not proper.

Color N Drive Ceramic Coating Kit

The Color N Drive ceramic coating kit has a spray bottle, two microfiber cloths, safety gloves, and two coated sponges. It has greater durability lasting for 5 years or 150 car washes. The best part is that it protects from damaging sun rays and its impact. With the mirror-like aesthetics you do not have to worry about the way it will look once applied on car body. But to be on safe side you should use it in a small low visible area of the car body before fully painting it. According to online research, it is easy to handle product, but the preparation might take a bit more time. The instructions are not that clear for applying coats, so the first time usage might feel tough. The advantages of this coating are high gloss, premium 9H protection, and scratch resistance.

CarPro Cquartz Kit

This kit has an applicator and five cloths aside from the 50ml bottle. It is 70% Sio2 with 99.9% purity, so you can count on it. With excellence in hydrophobic qualities, it prevents the water and dirt stains aside from the usual issues. It is easy to apply, so you can do it without the tension of finding the right way. The perfect finish shows that the job is well done. Although it is difficult to remove, so applying on a small area for testing the look and feel is recommended.

Adams Ceramic Paint Coating

The kit for applying coating on your car body includes two soft towels, two applicator towels, a preparation solution, a ceramic boost, and two micro-suede applicators. It offers a 9H hardness rating and lasts for approximately two years after applying. Once you apply it, you do not have to worry about contaminants, swirl marks and scratches. It is a bit expensive, in comparison to the amount of product it offers. You have to store the extra coating mix in a cool and dry place. The best ceramic coating for cars in our opinion is CarPro Cquartz Kit, with best finish and durability. You can buy it from Amazon.
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