Car Care Myths About Toyota Harrier 1998

Car Care Myths About Toyota Harrier 1998

Car Care Myths about Toyota Harrier 1998:

Toyota Harrier 1998

Taking care of your most valuable asset your car and your home is the top most priority for which you take out time in rushing life. Working, managing home and handling daily tasks are at one side on the other side doing minor repairs at home, utilizing weekends to diagnose car troubles are another important responsibility. Once we own a car like Used Toyota Harrier 1998, the car care myths are developed naturally. Either we have heard it from a friend or a neighbor watched us doing it wrong in the parking added some suggestions to the car maintenance and care we are obliged to practice it. But these car care myths are exposed long ago by car experts and reading a bit about maintaining car can be a lot helpful.

Top 5 Car Care Myths That You Should Know About Toyota Harrier 1998:

The top five car care myths revealed and suggested by automotive experts are:

1- My Car Needs Oil Change after Every 3000 miles:

Most car owners are in a misconception that their car needs oil change after covering every 3,000 miles, that is wrong and it is not recommended by the car manufacturer.  Normally new technology cars can easily run smooth for 75, 00 miles between oil changes even if the car owner has driven the car for longer hours.

2- Detergents and Soaps Can Be a Better Option To Clean Toyota Harrier 1998:

This also a common misconception and a developed myth that cleaning or washing your car at home with kids on weekends is a good activity and it saves money , Yes it does but at the sake of your car paint. The soaps and detergents are manufactured to remove the oil, fats and stains on cloths they are not suitable for they are rather harmful for the car exterior and the finishing and shining of paint gradually fades away.

3- T-Shirts and Worn Clothes Are Better for Cleaning the Car:

this also assumed that soft clothes like T-Shirts and old worn clothes are better option to clean Toyota Harrier 1998, well, it’s not true since these clothes have a tendency to absorb dust particles more frequently than a sponge or car cleaning cloth in the market therefore you think that you are cleaning your car but actually the dust already in the cloth is transferred to the car exterior making layers of grease which is developed with the passage of time

4- Expensive Car Wax is More Effective:

Most of the car owners believes that expensive car wax are more effective and are protective for the car exterior, it does not depend on the price but the suitable brand and material as recommended by your car manufacturer. For this you should carefully read the car manual provided with the Toyota Harrier 1998 ( or you can search it online there are many websites which provides car care tips and e-manual to download and read if you are not given one from your seller.

5- Warm Up Your Car before You Go On A Drive:

It is one of the most popular myth among most car owners that you need to warm up your car before going on a drive, this is not true even in very extreme cold weather at freezing point it is recommended to start car and warm up the engine for not more than 30 second until the oil is flowing and the engine is in a working state. Leaving the car in idle state is not at all recommended and not useful at all.

6- My Car is under Warranty So I Don’t have to take care of It:

Some car owners believes if the car is under warranty they have to bother check for oil change, repairs , sounds in brakes and from engine. Any suspicious thing should be notified to the nearby mechanic no matter your car is under warranty. Because it is machine and it can trouble anytime, it’s so unpredictable and any issue can come to front therefore one must take care of any issues.

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