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6Tips to Maintain Your Toyota Pickup Engine:

As we all know buying car is a big investment. So it is very important to maintain your car in a proper way. Here are some important tips which will help you to maintain your Toyota Pickup engine.
1: First of all you should have to check the transmission fluid by using the user’s manual or it is better for the authoritative car dealer to carry out the procedure. If you have manual transmission, pull out the dipstick with the car in neutral and engine running, checking the level and ensure it is near the “full” mark.
2: It is very important that the fluid should be pink to clear in color, so if you observe the fluid is darker and containing constituent parts, you might need to change the fluid. It is greatest for a garage mechanic to drain the system and put in fresh fluid.
3: Statistics give you an idea about a flat or faulty battery is one of the zenith reasons for calling out the car emergency breakdown services. So a regular battery check is a key part of your Toyota Pickup engine care routine.
4: Examine the battery to see if there is any damage to the unit, and check if there’s any deterioration at the terminals, which can lead to deprived connections and even a failure to start-up.
5: Ensure you don’t leave a light on or look out for a faulty part that might drain the battery. Taking a number of short trips or little use of your car means the battery will be under-charged which can lead to a solidify of the lead plates, so reducing the battery’s efficiency in holding charge.
6: In the end if you do a lot of short trips it might be an idea to spend in a battery charger and to ask your local garage mechanic to perform a test from time to time to see if the fault is the battery or the charging system.
The above car engine care tips can help you extend the life of your car engine and battery. You can buy a reasonable priced Toyota Pickup for sale (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-toyota-pickup-trucks) from auction.

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