Types of Car Cover and Their Usage

Types of Car Cover and Their Usage

Car covers are saviors of the car body preventing it from damages through atmospheric changes. They help you sustain this high-value unit, your car. As the adverse effects of rain, dust, and sunlight are minimized, so they can save costs more than the amount invested to buy them.

Plastic Car Covers

These types of car covers are best for the current situation of a lockdown or normally in the winter season. It covers the car for long, standing in idle position for an extended period. As it is plastic, so a single cut in the cover allows the unlimited deposit of particles from the atmosphere. It comes in a specific size that you need to adjust by tearing and folding. It is best for those who feel that after sometime car cover should change.

Cotton Car Covers

Have you been to the unveiling of the car ceremony, it is used there to show a masterpiece?
As it is not waterproof, so it is best for a car in the garage. Cotton is a breathable material, so it keeps the car at a normal temperature. But in case you got water on the cover, you need to change the cloth or use dryer fast. Color might fade at much high speed because of the deposit of moisture that stays for longer than usual. Even collection of small pebbles and dust on the cover might damage the car. Although when water-proof material is stitched as lining it can survive these issues. They are available in different sizes in the local market and come with new cars as a perfect fit.

Composite Covers

These are covers or we should say filters that drain water. It works best for places with humidity and no-acid rain. They are light and can easily be taken-off. It has elastic in a cover that needs to be changed in case it loses elasticity or else the whole cover becomes useless. It cannot be stitched with any other waterproof material, as it serves an opposite purpose. The disadvantage is that in the case of chemical rain, it will not prevent damage to the car body.

Water Protected Cover

The waterproof car cover has a plastic coating or plastic film that makes helps avoid contact of water to the vehicle. It has the downside of damaging car paint as it leads to condensation of water.

The fabric used is water-resistant cover is breathable woven polyester and has a scratch-proof lining. It has multiple types and weights with some beneficial for short term usage. There are long-term fixing material too, evolution water resistant car covers that are hard to be taken off and takes expertise in installation.

Best Car Cover Protect Your Car Body. So here is a list of best waterproof car covers

(The Drive)

Hence my quest to find a car cover that has no downside is still in progress. Although the above-mentioned car covers when tactfully used can save the day.

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