Types of Car Wax and Its Benefits

Types of Car Wax and Its Benefits
Before discussing the types of car wax and its benefits, firstly we should know the advantages of applying car wax. It helps in restoring the shine of the car, protecting the car body from dirt, and to a certain extend blurs the already existing scratches. Based on the source there are two basic types of car waxes; natural and synthetic. While the natural wax is extracted from the carnauba palm tree, the synthetic has polymer. The types of wax based on forms are paste wax, liquid wax, spray wax, and colored wax. The details of each type of car wax are discussed below:

Natural Wax

The Carnauba is the substance that is processed and combined with turpentine or beeswax to bring a beautiful deep shine to any car. It protects from substances like bird dropping, tree sap, and insects and provides water beading. It is recommended for black and dark surface car paint, as it mixes better. As it is a natural option so adhesiveness factor-like synthetic wax is missing. Natural wax is a bit expensive too, and pure carnauba wax available in yellow color costs much more. The White color is also another main color with yellow contributing to mixing for different grade making. Typically a natural wax lasts for 4 months.

Synthetic Wax

It is also called a paint sealant and is made of a polymer bond. It offers a variety of paint options but the shine is dim in comparison to natural wax. People still prefer it for its durability as it lasts for 12 months to the maximum. The impact of wax dims in extreme weather changing regions.

Paste Wax

It is the oldest form of car wax that is hard in texture. It has a hard texture that makes it difficult to work on the surface. The best way to paint through it is by having a running engine while painting. The best ways to achieve a perfect look is by using natural carnauba paste and mix it with natural oil. There are brands in the market that sell paste wax too.

Liquid Wax

It has a smoother texture and is easy to apply in comparison to paste one. Its products are available in the market, but we recommend the one with natural wax augmented through synthetic polymer for you.

Spray Wax

This type of car wax is best for a quick touch up and boost where a layer is wearing off and you need an instant solution. They wear off quickly making it a short-term fix facilitator.

Colored Wax

These car waxes come in different color and works best for scratches and swirls. It might have worked in the past but as modern-day cars have a transparent clear coat for protection so they seem useless now. You can get the car wax of your choice online or near your local shops; although it is recommended that for better finishing the first car waxing should be done by professional. But if the condition of the car does not allow waiting and you live in a region with lockdown still in progress check the best seller wax range from Amazon.
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