How to Inspect the Oil Level in Car Engine

How to Inspect the Oil Level in Car Engine
This quarantine has made us do things that we have never done previously. One such thing is to inspect the oil level in car engine. Many people are like me who have never checked this basic thing, maybe because of being a new car owner or simply because you had a driver checking all this for you. Worry no more, as here I have made a list from basics to inspect the oil level in the car engine.

Lint-Free Cloth

If it has already been 3 months you should start the oil level checking process. But before starting it you should find a lint-free cloth. It is available online too, or if you do not want to spend money, find an old T-shirt. The lint has the chances of a chocking car engine or part with which it comes in contact. So the lint-free cloth is the first thing you should look for.

Read the Owner Manual

As you might be doing it the first time like me, so there is a stress of unknown. Preparation can help you feel more confident. Locate your owner’s manual of the car, as it has micro-level details mentioned. It is the bible of car, so keep it safe and handy. It will introduce you to what is under the hood, even before you physically see it. The combination of book description and seeing it help you get confident.

Warm Up Car

As the warm oil makes it easier to check the oil level, so a short trip around the neighborhood might be a great help.

Turn Engine Off

Turn the engine off and wait for a few moments till the parts cool a bit. It can cause burns so be careful before going to the next step.

Hold The Hood

Open the hood and prop it with a handle at the lining where the hood was closed on. It helps in holding the hood while you work.

Locate the DipStick

Now locate the dipstick that should be on the side of the engine, it is colored in yellow, orange, or any other differentiable color. Most probably you will find it on the left side of the engine. Pull it out, it will be a less wide type ruler or spatula in metal with two whole or MAX/ MIN written on it. If you do not see the reading just completes the next step.

Clear The Residue and Insert

You might not see reading as it has oil residues on it. Clean it with a lint-free cloth and you will see the reading. Re-insert it in the compartment and make sure it is put back properly.

Remove The Dipstick and Analyze

Now remove the dipstick one more time and look at the level of oil residue. It is recommended that if it is at the farthest dot or MIN (minimum reading) you should have oil-filled. You should also check the texture of oil on it. Touch with two fingers and if the oil feels clean, just put back the dipstick or else be ready to change oil at the earliest.

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