Toyota Prius 2020 Edition- A Sportier Version

Toyota Prius 2020 Edition- A Sportier Version

Toyota Prius has been the continuous changing vehicle. It came as 4 door sedan in the first 6 years (1997-2003). It later had shape change and since 2003 it has been coming as 5 door liftback. Identifying the scope of hybrid cars it converted its car to the option and gained a lot of attention. Just a few days before the company officially announced the sportier edition by the Name of Prius 2020.

The interesting part is that it has announced that it will produce 2020 units only.

It has announced the launch in Dallas via live streaming unveiling process. Let us dig deeper into what it plans to offer;

Color and Variants

This car will be based on the Prius XLE front-wheel-drive model to nurture the sportier spirit. Its lightweight feature will make it go with the wind. The fuel economy will be much better and traction will improve. The weight of engine and transmission will go directly on the driven wheels providing better grip. It will be available in supersonic red to depict passion for sports and white chill pearl showing the purity of heart to be a sports mix.

Safe Drive

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 will be made available that will be a support in radar cruise control. The road safety will be optimized by road sign assist and low-light pedestrian detection pre-collision mix. The standard features of safety will be high beam lights, lane departure alert, blind-spot monitor, and intelligent clearance sonar so the driver has peace of mind.


To gauge performance, we can see that the sporty tires will bring a better grip. The 17-inch wheel is what brings the necessary tire grip factor. The handling of the vehicle is made up to the mark. The fuel efficiency as discussed above is a plus point to bring performance, while the latest technology in suspension is expected to absorb shock at optimal.
The Overall Layout

Though according to our information there is not much change in the layout, the curves and bents are expected to get sharper. The headlights seem to be much more angular while the front grill is given a minute shape change. The fog lights are diagonally placed giving the exceptional look that compliments the new edition. The Toyota Prius feels is not changed, yet the difference can be felt.

Although it is a limited edition, as COVID has hit the automobile industry hard, only time will tell if this car will be able to generate targeted sales. Our further scrutiny shows that:

Toyota Siena and Toyota Venza are also coming on May 18

Torque News

So Toyota might have analyzed things that we have no idea about. As the automotive industry experience, a lot of loss during the period and many giants are into short-sizing, this seems to be an impulsive Do or Die decision.

We are watching out and pray that things work for Toyota.

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