Three of the Best Class 8 Trucks Available in Market

Three of the Best Class 8 Trucks Available in Market
There are many available once you explore, but three of the best Class 8 trucks will be discussed here. But before that we should understand what do we mean by Class 8 trucks.

Class 8 trucks are the heavy-duty trucks that are classified based on maximum loaded weight. They are measured by gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and gross trailer weight rating (GTWR).

Over the years the demand for these types of trucks has increased as they tow heavy-weight inventory for long distances reducing the cost of transportation and minimizing the time required to complete the project. Japanese kei truck are also famous when it comes to tow heavy objects. Although Ford has a name in the market and many consider its heavy-weight trucks the best in class. Today we will tell you about models by Original Equipment Manufacturers that have either claim or proven their worth in the market. These are as follows:

Kenworth- T470

Having over 90 years of experience Kenworth has made this model and similar to these with greater heed. As the company claims to be the world’s best, so it has to go the extra mile to prove the fact. You can identify T470 from distance because of the classy and polish.And to top it the technology is up to date. The rear axle have configuration between 2100 single to 46000 lbs dual. It is intelligent and tougher with a heavy-duty bridge of medium-duty line that is rugged and reliable. The aerodynamics styling is the best. It is not just this model but brother T680 is believed to be a new level of the futuristic truck. Hence it is the company that is working day and night to keep its position in the mind of customers.

Mack Granite

It is the best selling model that has broken barriers to make Mack family proud. It is available in the forward axle and back axle configurations that are used for a variety of construction tasks. By managing to work responsibly it makes the job of dump or concrete mixing perfect. The 13 speed automated manual transmission stands as the epitome of best handling with ease. It also comes as a 14-speed mDrive HD. With a fully integrated fleet management system that requires no additional hardware it brings satisfaction.It has better after-sales service and a state-of-art monitoring system through the use of technology.

Peterbilt- Model 348

The company has its roots back to nearly 80 years and has produced a masterpiece like Model 348. It has the reputation of being among the most alternative fuel option. The safety, fuel efficiency, and design are identifiable from difference making it part of large fleets that look for intricacy, innovation, and perfection. It is an all-wheel-drive with extra traction that makes the vehicle handle harsh weather and road conditions. The single or tandem axle brings the strength and stability that a trucker needs. Hence it gives maneuverability edge. It has smart navigation with a full-color touch screen and GPS so one does not miss the ease of technology. To make it safe, collision mitigation is there for safer operations. This keeps a close watch on distances and keeps the system alert in dangerous situations. These are the top three of the best Class 8 trucks that you should check out.
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