Obtaining Japanese Used Car in America

Obtaining Japanese Used Car in America
Japanese used car
Japanese Used Car

It is possible to import Japanese used car in USA. But the process is really very costly. Still for some of the Japanese used car exporters it is worth it. Obtaining a car that will ride into yours dream is not as far out of the reach as you assume. United States of America has set some rules and regulation for the import of used cars that can be used on public roads.

3 rules for Japanese used Car import in USA

  1. Re-importing Exported USA Cars
  2. Importing Canadian Cars
  3. And Importing Japan used cars

Despite the fact that the first two rules mostly entail showing supporting documents and perhaps some minor change like adding restrains for safety and replacing catalyst converters that were utilized in the leaded fuel), to import used cars from different countries is a separate piece of story. Prior you get into more detail, there are some exceptions:

On the basis of the age of the used car, the Government of America requires you to meet (Department of Transport) for the standards for safety, Anti-Theft, Bumper and the like. Along with this, The EPA will need you to meet standards of Emission.

A general guideline for Japanese used car import is as follows.

1. For 25 years or older used cars, there is no requirement to go by any safety standards

2. For 21 years or older used cars, there is no requirement to go by any emission standards.

In addition there are more requirements on Japanese used car for public road usage. This implies, if you don’t need to use for street use, you can also obtain a Japanese used car for different reasons like,

1. To be used on race tracks only, need special permission.

2. To be used only for show purpose, need special permission.

3. You can declare to used it on only off-road, need proof for that.

4.  To be used as a Kit Car, a proof is needed.

If the Japanese used car you are over to import is not falling in any of the above category and doesn’t meet the exemptions of the age, you can import a Japanese used car as an ‘Eligible Non-confirming Vehicle’. The long story short is given below:

To pass DOT standards, you need a Registered Import (RI) able to import your car. To pass EPA standards, you need an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) that is able to import your car and bring it up to spec. You must use them if you don’t qualify for exemptions (such as the 25 and 21 year rules).

  • You need a Registered Import RI to pass the DOT standards that will allow you to import a used car.
  • You need an Independent Commercial Importer to pass EPA Standard, and that makes you able to import your used car and bring it up to spec.
  • If you don’t qualify for any of the exemptions then you can use the rules like 25 and 21 years old cars.


On the basis of the difficulties and complexities of Japanese used car you need, it can be between the same day of arrival or up to months after the arrival to get legal your Vehicle in USA and then in your hands. Similarly, depending on which Japanese used car is your dream, the prices can very relatively. And buying Japanese used car, SBT Japan (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) is the right place.

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