Statutory Warranties from Used Car Exporters and Dealers

Statutory Warranties from Used Car Exporters and Dealers

The major concerns that many used cars buyers while buying used cars from dealers or exporters, is what they can do if it breaks down?  Is there any kind of warranties or protection for the customers of used cars once they drive the car off the lot?

Legally all used car dealers or exporters are required to provide a statutory used car warranty on most of the used vehicles that is bought through their platform. In different countries there are different terms of the warranty. But in general the top most requirements are that the vehicle must be less than 7 to 10 years old or has done less than 120-160, 0000 km. The statutory used vehicle warranty will over the car for a period of 3 months after sold or until it has done 5,000km.

Queensland and other states, the vehicles that are older than 10 years or have done more than 160,000 km, according to the statutory warranty policy will be supplied with a warranty for only a month or till 1000 km done.

Used Car Exporters
Used Car Exporters

The Warranties according to the Statutory used cars means that for the period of warranty, the used car dealers or exporter will cover all the charges for repair and maintenance of all mechanical defects in that used car. This includes any work in engine, brakes or suspension problems. For any day that the used car exporters keeps the car for the purpose of repairing and is not in the used of the owner, the statutory warranty period is extended by a day.

If you’re purchasing a used vehicle that is only a couple of years old, your purchase may still be under the original manufacturer’s warranty – this warranty is automatically transferred to you with the title of the car.

Certified used cars with warranty under the original manufacturer.

For those who are purchasing a used car from dealer that is only a 1 or 2 years old, your purchase may still be under the original manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is automatically transferred to the new owner with the title of that used car.

Many used car exporters and dealers may recommend extended manufacturer’s warranty which extends the coverage of warranty from initial manufacturer for a new purchase of the used cars from export dealer. Don’t forget to read the fine print and properly understand what is covered and who will be responsible for the maintenance with the extended warranty. For an instance, few of the vehicle manufacturers themselves provide the extended warranty coverage. Toyota or Peugeot are some of to name them. However the other warranty plans are backed by external third parties.

Brands like Holden, tender a certified used vehicle scheme. These particular vehicles have passed a point – style verification check which is consisting of their own specified warranty for an signified time period.

What are the factors needed to be keeping an eye out for?

Getting it from a used car exporters or dealer will usually be more expensive than obtaining a used car from a private seller, but you do get the serenity of being satiated by the 3 month statutory warranty on most of the used cars from dealers. Used car dealers are also be obliged upon providing relevant information on the vehicle. Some of these include REVs Check information, warranty coverage, Car history check, Vehicle identification Number, and manufacture year and odometer readings.

A used cars export dealer or website like can provide a solid peace of mind when it comes to the warranties with buy, import or export of used cars from dealers.

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